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E. Dalla Benetta


E.D.B srl is a company situated in Cassago Brianza (a province of Lecco, Italy), specialized in the production of jacquard tapestry and interior design fabrics.

It was founded in 1925 by Elisabetta Dalla Benetta, the present owner's grandmother, who started the fortunate production which, year after year, has spread all over the world. Visit history, with pictures and curiosities.

Today E.D.B srl commits 30% of its production to the local market, and the remaining 70% to foreign markets, where it is highly appreciated. The most important of these are: Europe, the United States, Latin America, Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The themes represented are classical: rural themes, pastoral and hunting scenes, religious subjects, many of them are taken from or inspired by works of famous artists who lived between the XVI and the XVIII century.

fabricsThe attention to handicraft, the beauty of the designs and colours have allowed E.D.B to create a prestigious trademark of great quality.

The company is also famous all over the world for the cure and the quality that uses in the manufacture of its splendid fabrics, whose employs is indeed multiple!

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Our tapestries, that you can see in the gallery, are all available in stock without borders. They can be bought either with or without border, and with or without linen and pocket to be hung up. Besides of its superb quality, E. Dalla Benetta is also famous for the short time it takes to prepare and deliver its products!

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Why should I really buy an E. Dalla Benetta tapestry and not another one ?

The quality of E. Della Benetta tapestries and borders: how they are manufactured.


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