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E. Dalla Benetta srl: history


"...It is a small cloth mill grounded in 1925 thanks to the courage and the enterprise of a woman, Elisabetta Ambrosini, widow Dalla Benetta. She has no technical notions but, all the same in that far in a 100 square metre shed, she decides to start the jacquard production of tapestries and furnishing fabrics with the support and encouragement of some weavers of Monza.

At her death in 1944, her son Italo Dalla Benetta succeds her.
Under his guidance the company develops with steady regularity and, from the first production on behalf of a third party, it gradually sells directly its products, at the beginning on the national market and later on also abroad.

The beauty of patterns, the brightness of the colours and, above all, the precise craft made manufacturing are the characteristics of the products of this small company in Cassago - characteristics known all over the world. As a matter of fact 70% of its production is for exportation and 30% for the national market [...].

In 1970 the "third generation" joins the company: Italo's sons.

In 1980 the company changes from an individual one into a "Ltd Company" and Giorgio, qualified weaver, becomes its Director..."


Mons. Carlo Marcora
"Storia e tradizione - Da RUS CASSICIACUM a CASSAGO BRIANZA"
("History and tradition - From RUS CASSICIACUM into CASSAGO BRIANZA")
edited by the Historical and Cultural Association "S.Agostino" in Cassago Brianza
P.Cattaneo, Oggiono, 1982

1925: how was "Elisabetta Dalla Benetta weaving mill"

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