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Quality of E. Dalla Benetta products


Row material

The E.D.B. company has been using MakÚ 50/2 Cotton for ages, which offers better results thanks to its notable qualities.

Manufacturing EDB uses different mix of coloured yarns to maximize the colours of the subjects of its tapestries and borders. This is made, according to the shade of colour of the subject, that ensures a great precision in the representation and guarantees the lack of unpleasant lines inside the drawing.

Quality of colours and drawings

Part of EBD property is formed by the quality of the tapestries cardboards date back to the middle of the 19th century, processed and transformed by clever and enthusiast craftsmen coming from the upper Brianza (northern Italy) during the first part of the century.

Other features

- E.D.B. looms provide "warp stop motions" that check the right working of the looms. They operate by suspending the whole manufacturing when anomalies occur because of the breaking of a yarn. If the brakeage is not reported, it could compromise the quality of the manufacturing, causing faults and imperfection.

- The manufacturing process has a lower rhythm, more suitable for satisfying fibres processing, so that they are not strained and stressed. In this way more strength, quality and resistance are ensured. Read the guide-lines to know how a good jacquard product is manufactured

Read the quide-lines for evaluating the quality of a tapestry or a border.

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