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The Gallery


The gallery has many works to be found in E. Dalla Benetta's catalogue, representing designs by famous artists living from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

The tapestries are divided into seven sections:


Pastoral: pastoral scenes from the famous works of the renowned cartoonist François Boucher


Swing: romantic scenes, from the cartoons of J.H. Fragonard - 1732/1806:



Landscape: rural themes, again from the works of François Boucher


Hunting: falconry scenes in the forest of Compiegne, from the 17th century drawings of J.B. Oudry


Bridge: from a beautiful canvas by Cignaroli, an Italian painter of the 19th century


Tavern: from a 17th century canvas


Religious subjects:
different depictions of Mary and of the Motherhood




Mecca Panel and Tapestries with no human and animal beings, introduced at Index Fair in Dubai


A seriess of borders with different themes and sizes is also available, suited to many uses, not only for framing the tapestries:





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