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Definition of a tapestry. How to recognise a good tapestry. Where to find the most famous tapestries. Glossary

Where and when the first tapestries were created. How they developed in Europe. History and development of weaving techniques.
Detailed descriptions and pictures which illustrate the process from the yarn to the finished tapestry.
Advice and techniques on how to look after tapestries. How to avoid the most common mistakes.
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Decoration which surrounds the centre part of a tapestry



Device holding the cones which feed the warp in several orderly rows



Spun product made up of several similar or mixed textile fibres, brought together by twisting them

Warp stop motion


Loom device which stops it immediately there is a breakage of the warp yarn



Device which raises or lowers the warp yarns to allow the weft to pass between them



The part of the loom which has inside it the spool of weft yarn which passes between the warp yarns



Altogether the yarns which form the width or the length of a cloth, they are all stretched on the loom

Warping machine


Machine which prepares the warp



Cop around which the yarn is wound



Yarn spool which is inserted into the shuttle to weave



Wooden or metal cylinder on which the warp yarns are wound



Machine which produces cloth by weaving two elements perpendicular to each other: the warp and the weft



Yarn, which in the cloth is positioned horizontally to the warp, and which interlaces with the warp during weaving








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