Definition of a tapestry. How to recognise a good tapestry. Where to find the most famous tapestries. Glossary

Where and when the first tapestries were created. How they developed in Europe.
History and development of weaving techniques.
Detailed descriptions and pictures which illustrate the process from the yarn to the finished tapestry.
Advice and techniques on how to look after tapestries.
How to avoid the most common mistakes.
Pictures of articles and press releases. Some important press reviews.
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History, curiosities, production and contacts.

Welcome to the first portal dedicated to tapestries! This is the meeting point for whoever loves the world of tapestries.

There are many information for who is curious and different suggestions for who wants beautiful solutions for the house.
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A rich tapestry's gallery, collecting some traditional subjects from important painters lived between 16th and 18th century, is also available.
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May 2001
Cernobbio (Italy)
On the occasion of the "Proposte" Fair, exhibition about the producers of furnishing fabrics, E. Dalla Benetta srl officially presented to the press and dealers the Italian version of the "First portal dedicated to tapestries".

Visit the page with the pictures of the event.

"[...] So the news we were waiting for has finally come. It really fills the emptiness within the world art scenario: in fact it is born the first portal completely dedicated to tapestries. The idea comes all from E. Dalla Benetta, a company founded in Lecco in 1925, that manufactures tapestries since then, and exports them all over the world. [...]"
from the italian magazine


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