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Characteristics of a tapestry
E. Dalla Benetta


What are the characteristics which make a tapestry E. Dalla Benetta special ?

The technical characteristics of a tapestry or a bordure manufactured by E.D.B are easy to describe.

The quality, the beauty of the drawings, the perfection of the product are unfortunately difficult to be synthesized in few lines and are just partially recognizable in the pictures.

EDB has always based its success on the uniqueness of its products, which made famous worldwide the brand created on the beginning of the century by Elisabetta Dalla Benetta. Thanks to the very high quality which has always marked the EDB tapestries and borders, EDB during the years has won any comparison with other products and established a great position on the world market.

E.D.B. never abandoned the traditional Jacquard manufacturing technique, not to decrease the quality and the reputation of its products.
Today it is in fact possible to use more modern and less expensive production techniques, which however are not able to produce tapestries of the same quality.


Why should I really buy an E. Dalla Benetta tapestry and not another one ?

Every tapestry represents a unique work of art. And an E. Dalla Benetta tapestry is still more unique. From 1925, the tapestries of the manufacturing house founded by Elisabetta Dalla Benetta, made the environments of the most beautiful houses of all the world precious, and those who own them are proud and satisfied with the works of art they bought.

A good quality tapestry will remain hung on your walls for ever, and will be able to be handed down of generation in generation.

Therefore please rely upon a prestigious and safe brand, which always guarantees the best quality and gives away incomparable emotions.

Tapestries in the catalogue of the E.D.B are all available in stock without borders. They can be bought either with or without border, and with or without linen and pocket to be hung up.


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