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Press Release

It is finally online the English version of the First Vertical Web Portal completely dedicated to tapestries.
Sponsored by the historical manufacturer of tapestries and borders E. Dalla Benetta

Milan (Italy) July 23td 2001 - The first Vertical Web Portal completely dedicated to tapestries, sponsored by the historical manufacturer of tapestries and borders E. Dalla Benetta Srl of Cassago Brianza (Lecco - Italy) finally has its English version, at the address: www.edb-tapestry.com

The Italian portal, presented at the exhibition Proposte, held on May in Cernobbio, has conquered the Italian press and Internet users, as is demonstrated by the conspicuous number of published articles and daily accesses to the site (www.edb-arazzi.it).

The Portal includes a rich collection of information about the tapestry's world, including:

· Tapestry's history
· Jacquard manufacturing technique
· World wide events about tapestries
· Glossary of most common terms
· Do's and Don'ts
· Guide lines for evaluating the quality of a tapestry or a border
· Newsletter and Press Room

The Studio Magnaghi team who developed the site, was helped by the deep experience and knowledge of Mr. Giorgio Dalla Benetta, General Manager of the company, who supplied all the information about manufacturing techniques and evaluation criteria about the tapestry's quality. The portal contains also a rich tapestry gallery, collecting some traditional subjects typical for Jacquard tapestries.

Within the next months, the portal will keep grooving, following these main directions:

· Opening of a section about the tapestry Art: most famous works on tapestry, a world wide map of museums which have the best collections of tapestry…

· Opening of a section about the interior design and furnishing: monthly suggestions on how to put and rearrange the tapestry in our houses (which sizes are the best, how to select the best subjects depending on our furniture…)

· New tips for the Do's and Don'ts section

· Creation of a community interested in discussing and meeting around the beautiful world of Tapestries

The portal will also be part of the project "Art Valley", promoted by the City of Florence, by BVE (Banca Virtuale Europea) and by Assointernet, to describe the intersection e among the sectors of Art, Technology and Economics.

For more information, please contact:

Marco Magnaghi
Studio Magnaghi Sas

fax +39 02 33480999
email - m.magnaghi@studiomagnaghi.it or marcomag@iol.it


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