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Press Release

Announcing the first ever Vertical Web Portal completely dedicated to tapestries.
Sponsored by the historical manufacturer of tapestries and borders E. Dalla Benetta

Cernobbio, may 2nd 2001 - The first Web Vertical Portal Internet completely dedicated to tapestries, Sponsored by the historical manufacturer of tapestries and borders E. Dalla Benetta Srl of Cassago Brianza (Lecco - Italy) has been presented at the fair Proposte, starting today in Cernobbio at "Villa Erba".

The Italian version of the Web site is available at the Internet address
www.edb-arazzi.it and is presented at the booth 88 Ala Regina of the fair Proposte.
The English version will available soon at the address www.edb-tapestry.com.

The portal includes a rich collection of information about the tapestry's world, including:
· Tapestry's history
· Jacquard manufacturing technique
· World wide events about tapestries
· Glossary of most common terms

The Studio Magnaghi team who developed the site, was helped by the deep experience and knowledge of Mr. Giorgio Dalla Benetta, General Manager of the company, who supplied all the information about manufacturing techniques and evaluation criteria about the tapestry's quality.
The portal contains also a rich tapestry's gallery, representing some traditional subjects typical for Jacquard tapestries.


For more information, please contact:

Marco Magnaghi
Studio Magnaghi Sas

fax +39 02 33480999
email - m.magnaghi@studiomagnaghi.it or marcomag@iol.it

Visit the page with the pictures of the event


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