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The Technique


After having loaded the beam on the loom, starts the production stage where the loom is turned on.

The loom is composed by three main parts: the loom meant as the simple weaving machine, the Jacquard machine and the spinning frame fixer (made up of ropes and loops) that joins the two devices.

The warp from the beam reaches the looms going through the warp stop motion

The warp (thread) unwinds from the beam to go to the loops, which will lift it or lower it to make the fabric pattern.



Before getting to the loom, the warp goes through the droppers of the warp stop motion that, in the event of the breakage of the warp yarn, stops the loom to not damage the quality of the production.



The threads go through the droppers of the warp stop motions
Detail of the droppers of the warp stop motions
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